About Me

About Me

About Me and Looks LIke Rein


Hello everyone! My name is Cherein (sure-rain, it’s difficult)! I am 27 years old and live just outside of Eugene, Oregon.
I am married to the love of my life John. He truly makes me a better person and is my daily inspiration in so many ways.
We have an amazing little boy Porter who makes every day better, there is no way to describe the
feeling I get when I look at him! I am so blessed to love him and be his mommy.


The Day Job


Ok, the real “day job” is taking care of my 19 month old, so I should say the evening job. I’m a caregiver to two autistic twin 30
year old men, Josh and Jared. They are non-verbal, have seizures, and have the mentality of 2 or 3 year olds. I am so blessed to be a part of
their lives! They have changed my world and I am incredibly lucky to have a job that makes my heart so full. Working with them makes me grateful
for everything that easily gets taken for granted when you have a healthy body and mind. Being a caregiver to anyone that
has a mental or physical challenge has always been a passion of mine so I feel like I really DO have my dream job! 


Looks Like Rein


This is a blog about beauty, style, fashion, family, life, and whatever else I feel like writing about! I think of it as more than just a
“personal style blog”. I want to develop friendships with my readers, inspire, relate, and I hope you will want the same
from me. As much as I love clothes I try to not get too wrapped up in the material world because there is so much more to this wonderful life!


Did you Know


I have been drinking coffee every day since I was a kid, it’s my security blanket and one of my first loves. I love, love, love chocolate.
I’m obsessed with photographing abandoned houses and anything old and left behind. I’ve always loved to read and wish that
I had a library just like in “Beauty and the Beast”. I’m obsessed with topiaries and hydrangeas.
I’m a terrible singer. I wish I could street race as a hobby and own tons of different cars.
My dream place to live would be Stars Hollow (the non-existent town from Gilmore Gilrs).


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