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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over two years and I haven’t done a current makeup routine post! It’s one of my most asked questions so I’m finally doing it! I’m big on skin care and makeup products. Some of my favorite products are things that I’ve been using for years and some are more recent purchases that won me over at first use! I am constantly trying new product and switching things out so I’ll let y’all know when I do!


I’ve tried SO many different foundations and this is one I always go back to. I use this for everyday wear when I want medium coverage. It’s such a beautiful foundation, it does give a little glow but if I set it with translucent powder I can make it matte. When I want full coverage with more matte finish, this is what I go to! I love this for photos and occasions when I need my makeup to last all day! I wore this on my wedding day!


My tried and true super full coverage concealer is this one and my second fav is this one from the drugstore. The applicator sucks but the product is great! I also use my concealer as my eye shadow primer. I have never used a primer on my eyelids but I have always wanted to try this one.


This translucent powder is so beautiful on the skin and worth every penny! When I’m not using that one I use this one from the drugstore, I have it in multiple shades and I love it! I set my concealer with this loose powder! It’s really great!


I’ve been using this contour pallet the last couple of months, I like it, it’s not like, omg amazing but I do like it enough. My favorite affordable ones are this palladio one and this one, thats only $5! I used it until the dark shade was completly gone! The bronzer I use the most, especially in the summer months when I’m a little darker is this one. I’ve used it for a long time and I always go back to it.


Ok, I have used this blush in the color “satin love” NON-STOP for months! Literally nothing else! I heard Kathleen  Lights talk about it in a video and decided to try it. Perfection! The best part… It’s only $3!!!


My favorite powder highlight at the moment is this one. When I want a dewy or glowy look I put this product all over my face before I put foundation on, then continue my normal makeup routine. Because this is a cream it gives me the look of glow from within as opposed to a highlight. This cream stick highlighter is still my favorite!


The only mascara I’ve been using for months is this one from the drugstore. Some mascaras don’t work on my lower lash line and start to run but I haven’t had any problems with this!


Along with everybody and their mother the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette has been my favorite lately. It has all the colors I need!


I draw in my brows using this 212 brush with the darkest brown shadow in the Jaclyn Hill palette.


I always use this spray to set my makeup, for special occasions or times when I know I need my makeup to last all night I use this setting spray!

PLEASE let me know if there’s any products that you love or recommend! I love trying new stuff!



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