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Ditto Sunglasses

Ditto Sunglasses

Ditto Sunglasses

DITTO Sunglasses

I am so excited about my Jason Wu sunglasses from Ditto! Today, I am going to break down Ditto’s Endless Eyewear process for you and explain how it works!

HOW IT WORKS- Pick your favorite pair of sunglasses for $19 a month, $29 a month for prescription glasses and they will send them for you to keep for an unlimited amount of time! There  are over 1,000 designer brand sunglasses or prescription glasses to choose from. When you’re ready, order your next pair. Send back the last pair when you receive your new pair. Insurance for wear and tear is included in the $19 monthly fee.

SWAP ANYTIME- You can swap your pair at anytime! When you receive your new order send back the last pair. Shipping is always free both ways! If a certain styles are out of stock Ditto will let you know and give you an option to be notified when they become available again.

BILLING- You will automatically be charged every 30 days when you sign up. Your membership does not expire unless you contact Ditto to cancel. You can cancel at any time. Email them at support@ditto.com to cancel your membership! Return your pair before the end of your current billing period to avoid additional fees. They will send you reminder emails so you don’t forget! In case of loss or theft you’ll be charged the full retail price less the rental fees you have paid into the program up to two months.

My sunglasses came in like-new condition! They take great care to clean and treat all their eye-wear! Mine came with a hard case (thank goodness) to help from getting scuffed and scratched!

My favorite part of the ordering process is the virtual try-on feature that allows you to try on the glasses from every angle!  So you get a great idea of what they will look like on your face!

Are you going on a vacation soon?  Do you want to try out your glasses for awhile before you actually buy them to make sure you love them?  Do you want a different pair every month?  Try them out and if you would like your first month free use the promo code “lookslikerein”!

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