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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over two years and I haven’t done a current makeup routine post! It’s one of my most asked questions so I’m finally doing it! I’m big on skin care and makeup products. Some of my favorite products are things that I’ve been using for years and some are more recent purchases that won me over at first use! I am constantly trying new product and switching things out so I’ll let y’all know when I do!


I’ve tried SO many different foundations and this is one I always go back to. I use this for everyday wear when I want medium coverage. It’s such a beautiful foundation, it does give a little glow but if I set it with translucent powder I can make it matte. When I want full coverage with more matte finish, this is what I go to! I love this for photos and occasions when I need my makeup to last all day! I wore this on my wedding day!


My tried and true super full coverage concealer is this one and my second fav is this one from the drugstore. The applicator sucks but the product is great! I also use my concealer as my eye shadow primer. I have never used a primer on my eyelids but I have always wanted to try this one.


This translucent powder is so beautiful on the skin and worth every penny! When I’m not using that one I use this one from the drugstore, I have it in multiple shades and I love it! I set my concealer with this loose powder! It’s really great!


I’ve been using this contour pallet the last couple of months, I like it, it’s not like, omg amazing but I do like it enough. My favorite affordable ones are this palladio one and this one, thats only $5! I used it until the dark shade was completly gone! The bronzer I use the most, especially in the summer months when I’m a little darker is this one. I’ve used it for a long time and I always go back to it.


Ok, I have used this blush in the color “satin love” NON-STOP for months! Literally nothing else! I heard Kathleen  Lights talk about it in a video and decided to try it. Perfection! The best part… It’s only $3!!!


My favorite powder highlight at the moment is this one. When I want a dewy or glowy look I put this product all over my face before I put foundation on, then continue my normal makeup routine. Because this is a cream it gives me the look of glow from within as opposed to a highlight. This cream stick highlighter is still my favorite!


The only mascara I’ve been using for months is this one from the drugstore. Some mascaras don’t work on my lower lash line and start to run but I haven’t had any problems with this!


Along with everybody and their mother the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette has been my favorite lately. It has all the colors I need!


I draw in my brows using this 212 brush with the darkest brown shadow in the Jaclyn Hill palette.


I always use this spray to set my makeup, for special occasions or times when I know I need my makeup to last all night I use this setting spray!

PLEASE let me know if there’s any products that you love or recommend! I love trying new stuff!





T3 Micro





I have such a treat for you today! We are going to be talking about how to get great volume and waves at home without damaging your hair! The best part… it is so easy. T3 Micro was kind enough to send me these Volumizing hot rollers to review for all of you wonderful readers!

I have to admit I was skeptical about the rollers when T3 Micro made the offer. I haven’t used hot rollers since I was a kid and I wasn’t convinced they would give me the volume I’m constantly trying to achieve. I have a daily struggle with trying to give this heavy mane volume!

I’ve tried too many products, I continuously tease it, use tons of different brushes, but it always falls down within and an hour! Guys, I cannot convey how excited I was when I took these rollers out! Do you see this volume?!? Even my curls look effortless! No other product has come close to satisfying my volume needs like this one has!

One of my biggest complaints about other hot rollers is that my hair slips off really easy which makes wrapping it frustrating. These T3 rollers have a velvet material around them, so wrapping my hair was a breeze!

T3 also sent me their Luxe 2i Hair Dryer! Holy Moses is thing beautiful! Besides it’s ridiculously good looks, this thing works like a dream! It’s negative ions neutralize static, retain moisture, and boosts shine. Since I’ve been in California I’ve been letting my grandma use it (she’s a cosmetologist) and she said, “It’s like a spa experience!” Ha ha ha! We both love how lightweight and quiet it is too!

If you have trouble achieving volume like do (did!) then I seriously recommend checking out T3’s Volumizing Hot Rollers!

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The number one reason I was so excited to try Smile Brilliant was the fact that they provide professional custom fitted trays! If you have ever tried any teeth whitening products, you know, that the only way to get custom fitted trays is to go to the dentist which costs $500+! My number two reason is they offer desensitizing gel to use after whitening to re-hydrate your teeth and help with any sensitivity! My biggest complaint about whitening products is how sensitive they make your teeth afterwards, I have had ZERO sensitivity with this product!!

I have always been insecure about the yellowing of my teeth. Brushing them twice a day doesn’t keep mine white. I have been drinking coffee every day all day from a very young age so I needed a product that really worked on stains accumulated over 28 years. White stripes and pastes just couldn’t do the job!  Don’t just take my word for it though, check out their Reviews and Testimonials page for what others are saying about Smile Brilliant!  They also have a great video you can watch explaining the product.


Your kit comes with Catalyst Paste and base paste for your upper teeth, lower teeth, and one extra set just in case you make a mistake. Don’t over think this.  Work with only one set of pastes and trays at a time, don’t try to mix together both sets because timing is important. In your hand you mix together one catalyst paste and one base paste like Play-Doh. Work fast to ensure the paste doesn’t set up. Try to mix it all together in one minute, place in molding trays, and make your impression. Don’t bite down all the way through till you feel the plastic of the tray. Don’t wiggle it. Keep the tray on for 2 minutes so the paste has time to harden. Once removing allow impressions to sit for 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Do not remove molds from their trays you will place the whole molds, tray and all, in the postage paid envelope they provide! Each kit comes with thorough instructions so it will go over all of this!


Once you receive your trays in the mail you can begin the whitening process! Brush and floss your teeth. Twist small plastic tip off of the whitening gel syringe and apply a thin strip to your trays. Have a paper towel ready for any extra saliva. Place on your teeth and leave on for at least 15 minutes and up to 3 hours. Afterwards rinse and dry your trays. If sensitivity is an issue for you can then apply a strip to your trays and place on your teeth.

I am so impressed with Smile Brilliant! I would recommend this product to anyone! Their staff is so nice and were quick to answer any questions I had which made my experience even better! I hope if you are self-conscious like I was about your stained or yellowing teeth you will give Smile Brilliant a try!

Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to offer a giveaway of $139.95 store credit (equals teeth whitening trays + three whitening gel syringes and three desensitizing gel syringes) to one lucky reader of mine!!! You can find the link to the giveaway here.  The giveaway will end in 2 weeks and I will announce then.  The winner will be given a code you can use at checkout! This is an amazing chance for you to win this for free and try it out!  Good luck everyone!

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Trunk-up Boutique

I’ve really been longing for spring lately. I don’t know if it’s the after Christmas slumps, or the cold gloomy weather, or both!  When I got this cape from Trunk-Up Boutique in the mail and put it on, my somber feelings about the weather completely went out the window!!

I was so comfortable and warm without having to put on a ton of layers. I was so happy the weather will be cool enough so I can continually wear this cape, because I love it THAT much! I’m even more in love with the color than I thought I would be! It’s kind of an olive/yellow with specks of all different colors! You can’t really see in the photos, but it has the cutest button up detail along the neck too! This is the second item I’ve gotten from Trunk-Up and I love their company! Go check them out!

Trunk-Up has graciously offered to give away this exact same cape to one of my followers on Instagram.  All you have to do is follow me and Trunk-Up Boutique and like the latest Giveaway picture on IG.  Winner will be announced soon! Update:  Congratulations Missmazariegos for winning the Cape!  I hope you love it!!

Porter and I had a little mommy/son day date to go see “tractor in the sky.” (Huge crane that is being used to build a new hotel) We got some Starbucks (chocolate milk for him), yummy treats, and he sat and watched in awe. I’m really loving this age! He’s talking so much more, asking questions, arguing (lots of fun) 🙂

It’s John’s birthday on Sunday and my brothers birthday on Monday! Excited to spend some time with my guys!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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