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Welcome to my Father’s day Gift Guide!  Father’s Day is sneaking up on us so I have put together some last minute ideas for you.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it hard to buy for the men in their lives! John always wants tech stuff that I have absolutely no clue about.  Then when he does find something he wants he usually buys it himself! Some of these might not be a, “Whoa! I’ve always wanted one of these!”, but I think they are useful and likely not something they would buy for themselves.

1. This wallet is AMAZING!! For every Steel Wally purchased, the team behind it will donate $5 of the proceeds to The Wayne Foundation (a foundation to spread awareness and provide support for victims of child exploitation and sexual trafficking). Jake, one of the designers, is a coach at CrossFit448  where I am a member, wanted to create a minimal wallet inspired by his occupation. I don’t know a man who wants to sit on a big bulky wallet! The wallet consists of two stainless steal plates that are held together by military grade elastic! I love this creation so much that I bought one for John for Father’s Day!

2. This is definitely a need item! Every guy needs a good shaver and this Norelco Power Touch AT814 Men’s Shaver is great quality and is on sale for $79.99 (originally $200)!

3. We have a Roku Box which we are obsessed with! This is the Roku HDMI version so you don’t have to have one extra box sitting on your entertainment center. You can control your entertainment from your smartphone with the free Roku app or use the included remote!

4. This is great for the athletic men your life! If you have a guy who is a runner these Nike dual fusion running shoes are on major sale right now! They also come in 4 different colors! For an extra 15% off use code: SUNSHINE

5. This is my hands down most favorite scent EVER! If you never know what scent to get your man Bleu de Chanel is the answer! I’m not gonna lie, even I wear it. Everyday. Don’t tell John. Lol

6. Perfect for the outdoor guy in your life! This Coleman Realtree soft-sided cooler is great for their trips away from home! The sizes are 9-Can, 16-Can, 30-Can, and 42-Can.

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Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448

Nike Training and Crossfit 448


Can you guys tell I love Nike workout gear?!? First of all Phil Knight (the co-founder of Nike) is a native of Oregon and a University of Oregon graduate (Go Ducks!), so Eugene is full of Nike everything! There are a ton of other companies that are great for workout clothes, but the quality of Nike clothes is always something that sucks me in!

I just recently started doing CrossFit and I am absolutely addicted!  I have pushed myself at the gym, done all the videos, followed YouTube workouts, but I have never pushed my body like I have with CrossFit. I feel like I have found something that finally makes perfect sense! I want to tell everyone I know all about it. Every time I leave class I feel accomplished.   I leave feeling like I just proved to myself I could do what I didn’t think my body was capable of. Every “W.O.D” (workout of the day, I hate saying W.O.D) is different so your body is always surprised.

I want to be healthy and strong.  Being naturally thin doesn’t mean I don’t work hard to be healthy and fit. Yes, it might be easier for me to maintain my weight, but I still make the choice everyday to work hard at staying healthy and in shape. I was super nervous at first and worried I wouldn’t belong, but the people at CrossFit 448 were very welcoming.  You get a week free at Crossfit 448 to see if you like it.  They answer all of your questions and walk you through all the workouts you do not know how to do.  Everyone is very friendly!

If you are thinking of trying and live near Junction City, Oregon please give them a try.  You will not be disappointed!  I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Weekend!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section!

SHIRT: Nike | PANTS: Nike, almost identical here | SPORTS BRA: Nike | SHOES: Nike | WATER CUP: Starbucks on sale!