Trendy Spring Floral Dress

Trendy Spring Floral Dress

Trendy Spring Floral Dress

Trendy Spring Floral Dress

Trendy Spring Floral Dress

Trendy Spring Floral Dress



It was 75 degrees today!!! I grew up in a town that pretty much skips spring and goes right to 100 degree temperatures. The heat never used to bother me.  I think I have become an official Oregonian because I thought I was gonna have a heat stroke today! I know when we go to California this weekend I’m going to be miserable if I am struggling with this!

On Monday we adopted a puppy! She was a rescue from California. She’s a Chihuahua mix and her name is Lucy. I never thought I would want a Chihuahua, ever! But when I saw her I just sensed she needed me, so I went with my gut and couldn’t say no to her little puppy eyes. Today she had an appointment with the veterinarian and so far so good! Fred is jealous but besides that she is fitting right in with the family!

I think I have an obsession with Old Navy. I just cant pass up all the great spring sales this season! I always get a coupon and then go and end up finding a ton of stuff I love and want! I love this dress I found! I feel like I hardly have any long maxi dresses so when I saw this one it was perfect! When I was there all the dresses were on sale and they had so many great ones! I love the floral print and the slit on the side!

DRESS: Old Navy | SANDALS: Curfew | NECKLACE: Monet, similar | WATCH: Michael Kors | BAG: Dream Control, similar | RINGS: Baublebar |







Casual Friday








 John’s mom, Porter, and I went flower shopping yesterday (we might be getting started a little too soon) and seeing the huge selection of all the different plants and the veggie starters has me so excited for warm weather! I can’t wait to start my vegetable garden! The only downside to the spring season is my horrible allergies! I am allergic to almost every tree, weed, and grass there is! Is anyone else suffering from allergies already?

We also hit up an estate sale and, oh my gosh, I was in heaven! I couldn’t even go into all the rooms because I knew I would get carried away. I walked away only spending $20 so I was pretty proud of myself. Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

TOP: Old Navy, and on sale! | DENIM: American Eagle | SHOES: Style & Co, similar | BAG: Grace Adele | NECKLACE: Old, similar, love this one!  | SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom