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The number one reason I was so excited to try Smile Brilliant was the fact that they provide professional custom fitted trays! If you have ever tried any teeth whitening products, you know, that the only way to get custom fitted trays is to go to the dentist which costs $500+! My number two reason is they offer desensitizing gel to use after whitening to re-hydrate your teeth and help with any sensitivity! My biggest complaint about whitening products is how sensitive they make your teeth afterwards, I have had ZERO sensitivity with this product!!

I have always been insecure about the yellowing of my teeth. Brushing them twice a day doesn’t keep mine white. I have been drinking coffee every day all day from a very young age so I needed a product that really worked on stains accumulated over 28 years. White stripes and pastes just couldn’t do the job!  Don’t just take my word for it though, check out their Reviews and Testimonials page for what others are saying about Smile Brilliant!  They also have a great video you can watch explaining the product.


Your kit comes with Catalyst Paste and base paste for your upper teeth, lower teeth, and one extra set just in case you make a mistake. Don’t over think this.  Work with only one set of pastes and trays at a time, don’t try to mix together both sets because timing is important. In your hand you mix together one catalyst paste and one base paste like Play-Doh. Work fast to ensure the paste doesn’t set up. Try to mix it all together in one minute, place in molding trays, and make your impression. Don’t bite down all the way through till you feel the plastic of the tray. Don’t wiggle it. Keep the tray on for 2 minutes so the paste has time to harden. Once removing allow impressions to sit for 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Do not remove molds from their trays you will place the whole molds, tray and all, in the postage paid envelope they provide! Each kit comes with thorough instructions so it will go over all of this!


Once you receive your trays in the mail you can begin the whitening process! Brush and floss your teeth. Twist small plastic tip off of the whitening gel syringe and apply a thin strip to your trays. Have a paper towel ready for any extra saliva. Place on your teeth and leave on for at least 15 minutes and up to 3 hours. Afterwards rinse and dry your trays. If sensitivity is an issue for you can then apply a strip to your trays and place on your teeth.

I am so impressed with Smile Brilliant! I would recommend this product to anyone! Their staff is so nice and were quick to answer any questions I had which made my experience even better! I hope if you are self-conscious like I was about your stained or yellowing teeth you will give Smile Brilliant a try!

Smile Brilliant has been kind enough to offer a giveaway of $139.95 store credit (equals teeth whitening trays + three whitening gel syringes and three desensitizing gel syringes) to one lucky reader of mine!!! You can find the link to the giveaway here.  The giveaway will end in 2 weeks and I will announce then.  The winner will be given a code you can use at checkout! This is an amazing chance for you to win this for free and try it out!  Good luck everyone!

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